The Secure Your Social Media Login Sessions?

One of the items we wish to remind all our customers at Webroot security chat support is that whenever you're performing from an open Wi-Fi network, your data is safe only in the encrypted pages by The pages that start with https are reliable. You will find your bank and master card company websites following this practice. On the opposite hand, your web email might not be encrypted. If you email vital information like user IDs and passwords, they run the danger of being accessed by hackers.

A hacker may track the info of your browser to pretend that he or she is you. When you want to check your social media or email account from an open Wi-Fi connection, Webroot support live chat recommends you to make sure that you use a secure session. Here is how you secure your session:


The best thanks to safeguard against any snooper is to use a virtual private network (VPN). In fact, the big and reputed companies claim that employees use a VPN while doing any business over wireless network. There are different VPN options to choose from. Choose a robust personal VPN to guard your laptops, mobiles and other devices when using Wi-Fi hotspot. This is the smartest and safest way to enjoy the convenience that Wi-Fi hotspots bring to our lives, says our expert Webroot antivirus support technicians by

For Twitter

You can secure your Twitter session by typing an‘s’ within the browser bar, followed by the http. Once you are doing that, your session remains secure till you sign off of Twitter.

For Facebook

Every user may not have access to it. It is still new. You have to secure your browsing by logging in, then getting to Accounts then Account Settings and under ‘Account Setting,’ you've got to see the box for ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible.’

If you employ any Facebook app, you'll get a warning that you simply are now using unsecured browsing.

What team Webroot antivirus support center has to say is that, when you continue further on to unsecured browsing, the session is not unsecured? You can even be vulnerable to a side jacking attack. After you are done with the app, you have to return on the same setting to ensure that your secure browsing is enabled again.

Gmail and Hotmail, the opposite popular email service providers, accompany options to secure sessions too. Follow them for better protection of your device and data when using the internet through

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