How to Renew Your License in Webroot?

Today's article will talk about how to renew the license for your Webroot antivirus. Not all users are able to do it themselves, so we will try to do everything as detailed and in simple terms as possible, so that even green beginners can understand it.

Initially, you should understand that you should download the antivirus only from the official site.

You probably know that Webroot is far from intended for users of the CIS countries. On the official website, in general, you can find a message stating that the free license is intended only for users with an American IP. However, we will tell you how to get such a license for free.

A regular plug-in for your browser – VPN – will help you with this. Depending on the browser, this plugin will have slightly different names, so we will not delve into this - you will find it yourself.

After that, go to the official Webroot website (we left the link above). There you will see that you can buy a license for several years, or you can get a free license for 6 months.

Next, you will need to enter your email address, and next to it, confirm it. Also remember that nothing will work if your mail has a simple password. The password must have:

Consist of at least 8 characters. Have uppercase and lowercase letters.

Have numbers.

After that, you will have to confirm your mail and click on the red "place my order" button. Next, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to confirm the activation of a free subscription by clicking on Get My Trial.

After that, confirm the license agreement and download the setup file.

Install the file, if necessary - immediately configure it the way you need it. Carefully make sure that in all respects your protection is active or up-to-date. Well, you can find out about the details of settings and other various Webroot functions in other articles on our website.

As for subsequent license activations, you will have to pay for this already. However, you can reinstall this antivirus again to download a 6-month free license for a US IP address again.

On this we want to end this article, good luck to everyone and see you again.

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